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It’s moving day! How exciting!

When I started this blog, I wasn’t positive where I wanted to place it. I searched google for the top spots to start a blog, and wordpress was the #1 answer at every website I referenced. However, more recently I created a personal Tumblr, and I am obsessed with it. It’s easy to manage and I was able to find LOTS of people who I share a strong YA passion with.

All of the good got me thinking, maybe I should continue #shelfie on Tumblr. So that’s what’s happening!

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Shatter Me trilogy: character arc’s


Shatter Me books

As I sit here trying and failing miserably to write a review on the Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi, I realize that only one thing stands out in my mind that I am dying to write about. As much as I loved the writing style and the plot, the characters are what really stood out to me in these books. I don’t think I have ever read a book where the characters stood out as much as they did in this story. The arc’s that they all went through were so strong, and something that I had to write a blog post on. So, I am going to pick a few characters in particular to analyze, and share my thoughts on their growth throughout the story. I hope you enjoy!

Now, I automatically want to write about Warner first, but let’s save the best for last, shall we?

Since Juliette was the main character, it is no surprise that her arc was the biggest. But, I never imagined it to effect me so much. When we were first introduced to her, I had so much sympathy for her because of her condition. She was locked up, had nobody to talk to, and was convinced that she was either going to die, or was already dead and didn’t realize it. She had that weird obsession with counting everything (cracks in the walls, her number of breaths) and only had a notebook to write in. Even her notebook was full of crossed out entries and repeated words or phrases, all reflecting her insanity. However, as she began training and learned how to control and use her ability, she was able to break out of her shell, and be the leader she was always meant to be. Juliette adopted the plan that Omega Point originally tried to execute and followed it through herself. Plus, she gained the confidence of a true leader, and was the first one to step up in any situation. She did just that when everyone was wondering who would lead the nation after The Reestablishment was destroyed. She immediately knew that she could do it, and accepted the role. Oh, and realizing that Adam wasn’t the only boy in the world really helped that confidence, just saying.

Kenji was a character who I genuinely thought was only going to stick around for the first book. I thought he was either going to die in Shatter Me or just exit the story. In the first book, he just seemed like he was there just to be there. I get he was placed in the story for comic relief, but he didn’t make me laugh until the second book. In Unravel Me, I began to appreciate Kenji’s presence more because not only did his jokes improve, but he had a really cool ability. Plus, he was able to help Juliette train and learn to control her ability. By the third book, it was good to finally get to learn a little bit about Kenji’s past. When he finally told Juliette about his bond with Castle after about the fiftieth time she asked “Are you okay,” I was pleased to see that he wasn’t someone who was only there to crack jokes. The way he described his childhood and how Castle took him in and raised him was really eye opening, mainly because it gave us an answer to why Castle and Kenji were so close. Also, and this is my favorite part about Kenji’s character, he became best friends with Juliette. Their friendship was great one to watch develop because they were able to share experiences and feelings with each other that nobody else would understand.

Can we please talk about Adam for a minute. Oh man, Adam. WHAT HAPPENED? In Shatter Me, I loved Adam. His relationship with Juliette was beautiful to watch unfold, because he recognized what she had been through, and helped her to move past that. Plus, seeing how much he cared for James was so heartwarming, because we don’t really see any other family aspects in this series. But, when Unravel Me rolled around, poop hit the fan, and it wasn’t pretty. At this point in the story, I had read Destroy Me and was officially “Team Warner.” I still liked Adam as a character, but Warner had my vote. So, when Juliette heard about Adam having to disable his ability whenever he wanted to touch her and decided to break up with him, I threw a mental party. What I did not expect though, was for him to take the news like a teenage girl. You would think that he’d realize Juliette was doing this for him, but no. He had to constantly make her feel guilty about the decision she made that was meant to protect him. In Fracture Me, I was happy to see that he appeared to be moving on from Juliette, and focusing on the bigger issues. But that was obviously like a one novella deal, because he came back in Ignite Me with even more hatred than before. He was always marching off to some unknown location when he realized he couldn’t win an argument against Juliette, and made false assumptions about Warner, especially after finding out they were brothers. But, worst of all, he decides that it is a great idea to tell Juliette that he wishes he still thought she were dead, because it would hurt less than her being alive. Way to go Adam, you really hit it home on that one. By the end of Ignite Me, he didn’t redeem himself enough to have me back on his side, which is unfortunate, because I would have liked to see him apologize for all that had happened.  Adam didn’t have a character arc, he had a character cliff. Once he fell off, there was no going back.

So, here we are. Guess whose left… WARNER! Can we have a round of applause! I would love to sit and discuss chapter 62, 55, or 58 with you, but we must discuss his character arc. I had a secret crush on Warner from the very beginning. Most of my heart hated him in the first book, but a small portion wanted him to reveal some big revelation that made him good. And, although in Shatter Me he was still considered a “bad guy,” and in Unravel Me nobody wanted to admit that they loved Warner after the big 6-2  , he finally redeemed himself officially in Ignite Me. He explained to Juliette the motive behind all of the poor scenarios that he ever put her in, and even why he originally captured her. So, at this point it was just a matter of time before Juliette realized the perfection that is Aaron Warner. I was slightly annoyed that we had to wait until chapter 55 for her to finally express her feelings, but it was worth it. They can now live a happy life together.

Wow, that was a lot. But I am happy to have all of my opinions out there. I obviously left out a lot of stuff, but I think I touched on all the key points I wanted to make. If you have any comments on the character’s in Shatter Me, or anything to say about the series in general, leave a comment. I would love to know what you think.

Have a great day everyone!



Allegiant two part movie…



Well I am pretty sure that I just lost half of my viewers by placing that photo at the beginning of this post. And before anyone else leaves, PLEASE STAY AND HEAR ME OUT! I pinkie swear that I am not hear to talk a lot about major character deaths or a certain man’s temper tantrum because he was deemed “genetically damaged.” That seems like a giant waste of my precious time. I am, however, going to state my opinion in the Allegiant two part movie debate. But, in doing so, I will have to talk a very minimal amount about my thoughts on the story. Sorry, that is the way the world works. If you are upset and punch the computer screen, it is not my responsibility to pay for it.

Okay, so I think we should have expected it. Summit Entertainment wanted to bring in the big bucks by splitting the conclusion to the Divergent trilogy in half. I mean seriously, isn’t that the thing to do? The producers of Twilight, Harry Potter, and recently Mockingjay wanted to drag our sorry butts back into the theater for an extra movie. Now, don’t get me wrong, I totally support it for the other franchises. Yeah for another movie! But we all have read Allegiant, and we all know how awful it is. Yes, I said it, ALLEGIANT WAS AWFUL. The writing was weak, the plot anti-climactic, and the characters flat. Now, before all of the people who enjoyed the book say to me “You just say it was awful because you didn’t like the ending,” you are very mistaken. I loved the end! It was the only end there was for a character like Tris, because throughout the entire series, she was trying to be selfless like her parents. She failed miserably at it in the first two books, but she finally gathered her marbles in time for the third book. So, yeah, she had to take a bullet to get there, but she completed her mission. Seeing that happen was sad, but was also a satisfying conclusion. On that note, the ending was probably the only satisfying part about the third book.

So, now that my brief ramble about the book is over, lets discuss this movie deal. The plot, as I stated earlier, was extremely weak in the third book. There were times I had to put it down while I was reading because it was so slow. Transferring this to the big screen will not be a challenge technologically, considering there is very minimal CGI involved. Making it entertaining, that is going to be an issue. Nobody wants to sit through a two and a half hour movie that focuses on a girl wandering aimlessly around a compound trying to make a difference. Viewers will think that this piece of visual “art” was found in a junkyard run by a man with three teeth. And, the best surprise for all of the viewers? That is only part one! Part two can be found in some city sewer mixed in with all the… you know… never mind. The movie could settle for average reviews if they could just conclude the story in one viewing. By splitting it, you flush the entire franchise down the pipes. A scientific study that I just conducted proved that people are more likely to remember the movie that sunk the franchise as opposed to the golden egg of the bunch. If you say Indiana Jones, I immediately think of that awful one with the weird alien things. And, from the year 2017 on, when you say Divergent, be prepared for the cussing that will ensue. Admittedly, even the fandom was pretty sad to call themselves initiates after that last book. I guess in a nutshell, I am just saying that Allegiant part one will most likely be as bad as Allegiant part two. If it were just Allegiant though, it wouldn’t be half bad.

I apologize for that very wordy and pointless argument. It was weak, and like I said, wordy.  I know that one teenage girl’s opinion won’t matter, but I feel better expressing my concern. So, when the movies do terribly, I can say I told you so. I guess that is it for now. Although I cannot give back that time you wasted reading this, I hope this cat gif will help.

cat gif

Let me know in the comments your opinion on the topic. I would love to hear it!

I hope your day is bright!


My Shameful TBR Pile… don’t judge!


I decided it was time to share with you my very shameful TBR pile.

I feel that in this “internet relationship” of sorts, we need to be honest with each other. If we aren’t honest, than spoilers will hit the fan, and that is not a good thing. Believe me, I have witnessed it before, it’s not fun. It usually ends in a fit of yelling and “say spoiler alert next time!” The lesson that I have taken away from these many emotionally scarring moments is to not make assumptions about who has read what. As badly as I want to discuss The Mortal Instruments conclusion with all of my fangirl friends, that’s not possible because some of them, and you know who you are,  haven’t finished the series. And telling them my final thoughts would ruin the experience of reading a book for the first time. Plus, it would ruin the point of reading the book, if the entire time you know secretly that the character who just saved the entire world, dies. (That doesn’t happen in City of Heavenly Fire, I just needed an example. It does, however, happen in another book, but that is to be discussed at a later time). So, bringing back up my initial point, don’t make assumptions about the books people have read. Wow, that is the perfect segway to my shameful TBR… great. I can hear you all yelling at me through cyber space to share my shameful unread books, so for you’re sake I will stop procrastinating. Here are my most embarrassing unread books…

Mostly all of Rick Riordan’s books (I have only read the first two in Percy Jackson and the Olympians to be in the know when seeing those two god awful movies nobody likes to talk about)

Every John Green book excluding TFiOS (read that in the winter)

The Twilight Saga (haven’t seen the movies either)

Eleanor and Park

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (I just recently found out that was made into a movie, haven’t seen it)

and the most shameful one of all…

The entire Harry Potter series (yup, the movies too)

Ummm… *clears throat*, I am at a loss for words. Let me start by asking this, was that last one a shock? Thought so. Let me give you my possibly lame excuses.

I failed to mention anywhere that I have only recently gotten into reading (recently as in early November of 2013), and as much as I want to say that I can, I can’t read at a superhuman pace. If I could read all of the books, I would be the happiest girl in the world. Happier than Luke Brian is when he’s floating down the Flint River and catching himself a little catfish dinner.  But, I have to settle for the pace that I can read at now while juggling school and sports and all that jazz. So, I guess that could be an excuse for not reading some of these books. Lame, I know. Also though, I am kind of terrified of hype. I think it hides under my bed, constantly nagging at me to read these “amazing books”. It is nerve racking to read an over hyped book, because half the time it doesn’t live up to your expectations. Then you feel shunned by society like the redheaded child for not enjoying what everyone else does. But, the truth is, the book may not be your cup of tea. Not everyone likes fantasy, just like some people can’t stand realistic fiction.

I promise I only have one more point to make, and then you can go on with your lives again. Some of these books, example Harry Potter and Rick Riordan’s books, are HUGE! And not just one book in the series, they all are big. Plus, there are like 50 books in the series. That can be pretty intimidating for some people who are new to reading, like me, and typically only read stand alone novels or trilogies. I mean, I am confident that I can do it, I made it through both The Infernal Devices and The Mortal Instruments without a problem. In fact, they are my favorite books to read and discuss. But when I got them and saw them all on my shelf, I thought in my head “I should start writing my will now”. It was really daunting, but I made it through. However, once I finished them and got through my massive book hangover , I had to take a little break. I allowed myself time to read lighter, less in depth stories. At this point, I am ready to start a new series. In fact, I am enthusiastic towards doing so. Once I finish my last week of school and summer is officially here, it will be the “Summer of Series” for me. Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, I will read them all. (With the exception of Twilight, but once again, that’s a topic for a different day.) As for the other books on by TBR pile, I will need something in between the gargantuan series!

Not too many lame excuses, huh? I admit some of them were pretty stupid, I openly admitted that I am afraid of something that isn’t even tangible. But, I hope you better understand where I am coming from. If any of you guys want to share you’re most embarrassing TBR books, feel free to leave a comment! In fact, I encourage it! Don’t be afraid, we can tackle the books together, nobody will judge. Let me repeat myself, NOBODY WILL JUDGE! THIS IS A JUDGE FREE ZONE. We all should be nice to one another, and have an open mind about what people do and don’t choose to read. That emotionally deep message seems like the perfect place to conclude. Thanks for listening to me and understanding!

Have a sunny day everyone! I love you all!