Hello internet friends and fellow readers, and welcome to my blog! My name is Maddie, and I read YA books. Enough said, right?  I am a girl who loves to fangirl over all the things that mean absolutely nothing, or sound ridiculous, to the “normal human”. I have always wanted to share my passion of reading with other people, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Whether you’re a hardcore reader like me who cannot go two seconds without saying  “like in the book” or “I was reading” ,  or someone who just simply enjoys YA literature, I think this is the blog for you! At least, I hope. I haven’t had much feedback, and I may or may not be biased slightly. But, you can change that. I want to hear from you guys about what you think of my blog. You’re opinions and comments are my top priority, so tell me what you think of my posts. I solemnly swear that I will do everything in my power to write back to you asap (and yes I even raised my right hand when taking that pledge). Now that you have read and understand this agreement I believe it is in you best interest to head over to my home page to check out the most recent fictional adventure I have been on. That was your conscious speaking, I swear. Peace out for now girl scouts and boy scouts, I will talk to you soon. But not to soon… because I need to go read!

Have a great day everyone!



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