Allegiant two part movie…



Well I am pretty sure that I just lost half of my viewers by placing that photo at the beginning of this post. And before anyone else leaves, PLEASE STAY AND HEAR ME OUT! I pinkie swear that I am not hear to talk a lot about major character deaths or a certain man’s temper tantrum because he was deemed “genetically damaged.” That seems like a giant waste of my precious time. I am, however, going to state my opinion in the Allegiant two part movie debate. But, in doing so, I will have to talk a very minimal amount about my thoughts on the story. Sorry, that is the way the world works. If you are upset and punch the computer screen, it is not my responsibility to pay for it.

Okay, so I think we should have expected it. Summit Entertainment wanted to bring in the big bucks by splitting the conclusion to the Divergent trilogy in half. I mean seriously, isn’t that the thing to do? The producers of Twilight, Harry Potter, and recently Mockingjay wanted to drag our sorry butts back into the theater for an extra movie. Now, don’t get me wrong, I totally support it for the other franchises. Yeah for another movie! But we all have read Allegiant, and we all know how awful it is. Yes, I said it, ALLEGIANT WAS AWFUL. The writing was weak, the plot anti-climactic, and the characters flat. Now, before all of the people who enjoyed the book say to me “You just say it was awful because you didn’t like the ending,” you are very mistaken. I loved the end! It was the only end there was for a character like Tris, because throughout the entire series, she was trying to be selfless like her parents. She failed miserably at it in the first two books, but she finally gathered her marbles in time for the third book. So, yeah, she had to take a bullet to get there, but she completed her mission. Seeing that happen was sad, but was also a satisfying conclusion. On that note, the ending was probably the only satisfying part about the third book.

So, now that my brief ramble about the book is over, lets discuss this movie deal. The plot, as I stated earlier, was extremely weak in the third book. There were times I had to put it down while I was reading because it was so slow. Transferring this to the big screen will not be a challenge technologically, considering there is very minimal CGI involved. Making it entertaining, that is going to be an issue. Nobody wants to sit through a two and a half hour movie that focuses on a girl wandering aimlessly around a compound trying to make a difference. Viewers will think that this piece of visual “art” was found in a junkyard run by a man with three teeth. And, the best surprise for all of the viewers? That is only part one! Part two can be found in some city sewer mixed in with all the… you know… never mind. The movie could settle for average reviews if they could just conclude the story in one viewing. By splitting it, you flush the entire franchise down the pipes. A scientific study that I just conducted proved that people are more likely to remember the movie that sunk the franchise as opposed to the golden egg of the bunch. If you say Indiana Jones, I immediately think of that awful one with the weird alien things. And, from the year 2017 on, when you say Divergent, be prepared for the cussing that will ensue. Admittedly, even the fandom was pretty sad to call themselves initiates after that last book. I guess in a nutshell, I am just saying that Allegiant part one will most likely be as bad as Allegiant part two. If it were just Allegiant though, it wouldn’t be half bad.

I apologize for that very wordy and pointless argument. It was weak, and like I said, wordy.  I know that one teenage girl’s opinion won’t matter, but I feel better expressing my concern. So, when the movies do terribly, I can say I told you so. I guess that is it for now. Although I cannot give back that time you wasted reading this, I hope this cat gif will help.

cat gif

Let me know in the comments your opinion on the topic. I would love to hear it!

I hope your day is bright!



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